What are Clubbies Prints? 

Clubbies Prints is a wall art business established to celebrate great Australian beaches and the communities that make them this way. Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. The community clubs who protect those beaches should be celebrated.

By referencing the specific Surf Life Saving Club cap colours in our designs, we acknowledge and celebrate the clubs that protect these beaches. 

Our prints are for everyone. Buy a print to celebrate the beach you grew up on, the beach you holidayed or the beach you live on. 

Why can’t I find my beach? Can I request a beach be printed? 

Yes you can! We haven’t printed every beach’s print yet, but we want to.

We have the designs ready to go, however require a minimum commitment to buy three prints of each beach. Want to buy three? Great! Drop us an email at info@clubbiesprints.com.

Have a couple of friends who want to buy your beach? Great! Drop us an email at info@clubbiesprints.com.

Do you support Surf Life Saving Clubs? 

Yes, of course! For every print we sell, we donate $5 to that print’s associated SLSC. For example, if we sell three ‘Yamba’ prints, we will donate $15 to Yamba SLSC.

Our first round of donations will take place mid January 2022. Hopefully we sell a lot of prints for Christmas!

Clubbies Prints holds the licence to use the imagery in the Surf Life Saving Australia Register (club caps) for the purpose of producing Clubbies Prints.

I want to frame my print. What’re my options? 

It depends on your budget and how you would like your print to look. If you take your print to a local framer, they will provide a quote. This can often range from about $150 - $300. 

Alternatively, the IKEA Riba frame is a cheaper options, fits them perfectly and looks great! You can check them out here.